At AZ Irrigation & Maintenance we only offer residential post storm snow removal services. This service is catered towards those who have second homes or are in no rush to get out of your home during a snow storm. We will come out with our snowblowers and shovels when the storm has cleared the Northland.

Gentle To Your Landscape

We do not use a snow plow. If snow plows are used on your residential property, they can cause significant damage to your driveway or expensive custom driveway. Snowplows are heavy and can chip or gouge the concrete or pavers.   Also, plows can cause significant damage to the landscaping directly around the snow plowed areas. When we go out and start servicing properties in the spring, we will find that plows have dug into and tore out plants and decorative rocks or bent over and broken landscape lights.  Deep gouges in your lawn can be an unfriendly activity to do in the spring.  These are a few of the reasons that we only use snowblowers and shovels for your driveway.


At this time we do not use salt.  We believe a little bit of our local cinder can be used instead of salting.  You will need to  be careful and conscious of where you are walking for you to make it across the snow and ice and be safe.  But in certain circumstances or specific conditions it is advisable to use de-icing products.

If you are in need of residential snow removal services, give AZ Irrigation & Maintenance a call today at 928.225.2224!