IrriCheck irrigation inspection service

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IrriCheck: Your Comprehensive Solution for Irrigation Inspection

Moving into a new home or selling one? The last thing you'd want is a faulty irrigation system slipping under the radar. Introducing IrriCheck, the service designed with home buyers and realtors in mind. Get comprehensive insights, photos of deficiencies, and peace of mind!

Every year, we chat with new homeowners just like you who are looking to get their irrigation systems up and running. We’ve found that many times, the old system might have been forgotten about or skipped over by the previous owner. This can sometimes lead to surprises like unexpected leaks or a quirky electrical glitch.

You know what’s surprising? In the whirlwind of buying a home, the irrigation system often gets missed in home inspections. It’s a pretty important part of our homes, especially when we think about:

  • Checking both high and low voltage electrical setups
  • Making sure water pressure and volume are just right
  • Ensuring certain parts are in place to keep our families safe, like:
  • The Back Flow: This little guy keeps our drinking water separate from the irrigation system.
  • Making sure that Back Flow is right where it needs to be for maximum peace of mind

If left unchecked, a wonky irrigation system could lead to some unexpected repair bills. But hey, that's where we come in!

We promise to take a good, close look at your sprinkler system. With our 20-point check, we go through everything and then share our findings with you. You’ll get a report with notes, pictures, and a simple rating so you can see how things are looking. Got questions? Want to know if there might be any repair costs? We can chat about that too.

By the way, because we’re local and we’ve seen a lot of different setups, we also keep an eye out for the little things that might trip you up, like making sure the water pressure is just right for your home.

Let’s make sure your watering system is in tip-top shape together!



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Brad running through the irrigation inspection checklist
New homeowners, beware!

Don't Risk Costly Repairs

Neglected irrigation systems can lead to $$$ in repairs. We've got you covered with our 20-point inspection, including:

  • High & Low Voltage Checks
  • Water Pressure & Volume Safety
  • Component Installation
  • Proper Location Setup

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