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Irrigation Wire Tracing Services in Flagstaff & Sedona

AZ Irrigation & Maintenance offers boring services in Flagstaff, Sedona, and the surrounding areas. Give us as call at 928.225.2224 and request a free quote or sign up for service today.

Can't Figure Out Irrigation Wiring Problem?

At AZ Irrigation & Maintenance we want to help you get your irrigation system up and operating efficiently and smoothly. Does your system seem to operate intermittently or one of the valves just isn't working properly. It could be a nicked or broken irrigation wire running from your controller to the valve box. Before we bust out our wire tracer, we will test the electrical system to see if it is a broken wire or cut bundle of wires. Once we figured that out we will use the magic of the wire tracer to track down the issue and get your system up and running.