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AIMazing Irrigation Package

At AZ Irrigation & Maintenance we want to take the worry and hassle out of caring for your sprinkler system. You can request to be placed on our AIMazing Irrigation Package. By getting on our Package, we will automatically schedule your sprinkler system winterization, mid-season check-up and spring turn-on and tune up services based on current weather conditions.

How does the AIMazing irrigation package work? You sign up. We will put you on our list and email you a tentative schedule, a couple of weeks before winterizing (before the turn-on and before our summer checkup). The email will contain the neighborhood schedules. A lot of the dates are tentative, just in case we run into any problems. Included in the package are tests in the spring for the electrical system, drip leaks, sprinkler head leaks, and a backflow test. If there are any major problems, we will notify you before we take care of the issue, because fixing the problem would be an extra charge. The reason we test the back flow is because it is a crucial component to the irrigation system. It protects the landscape water from infiltrating into your drinking water. You will need to have an insulation bag on your back flow, and this is what it looks like. You can purchase one from AZ Irrigation and Maintenance or online. The bag protects the back flow in the shoulder season in the spring and fall. After we are done servicing your irrigation system, we will leave a door tag on your door. In June, we will have another checkup to make sure that everything is running properly. We get a lot of calls at that point during the year, just because we've turned it on in the spring and no one's done any maintenance on it. Sometimes the systems are old and have unexpected issues.

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New homeowners, beware!

Don't Risk Costly Repairs

Neglected irrigation systems can lead to $$$ in repairs. We've got you covered with our 20-point inspection, including:

  • High & Low Voltage Checks
  • Water Pressure & Volume Safety
  • Component Installation
  • Proper Location Setup

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