What Does it Cost to Winterize My Sprinkler System?

December 8, 2015

There are two main methods of preparing your system for winter.  Most of the time winterizing with the air compressor comes in between $55 and $85 for a residential irrigation system. Depending on size of your system, if it’s small, it would be on the lower range of this price. At the upper end but the price range, it would include a large residential system. Of course, there are other factors besides just how many zones you have.  These other factors include: how close is your home too other homes that a company will be winterizing. If you’re in the neighborhood with a high density of other clients for that particular business, then the price will be reasonable. If your house is out-of-the-way and takes a long road trip to get out there, then it could cost more than $85. There could be a trip charge plus the charge for winterizing.

Timing of your service call will save you MONEY!

Timing of your call into a business is another factor in the price you will pay for winterizing.  Has your neighborhood already been winterized by that particular company already?  You could have a higher charge, a one time charge, for coming out after the company has been through your neighborhood.

Does your service company offer any guarantee?

One important factor you’re going to want to know about the company is; do they offer a guarantee on their service? For example, they come out and winterize your system. In the spring, when it’s charged back up, is there a break or multiple breaks from water freezing in the pipes?

Now’s they’re also could be issues with the isolation valve that was used to shut down the irrigation system in the winter. If that’s the case, companies will not warranty their service because of a faulty part.

Of course it depends on the break, there could be breaks NOT due to the faulty part.  You will have to trust them to distinguish between a leak caused by a faulty part and one due to improper winterizing.

Something that our business does that no one else does that I know of, is require the back flow device to be insulated. This way we can set up a schedule and stick with that schedule to matter what the weather situation. The main reason for this is to protect the most vulnerable part of the system from freezing during shoulder seasons.  In late spring, month of May or even early fall, in October, the insulation protects it from a hard freeze that can break your back flow. This insulation bag is a very cheap insurance policy to protect one of the most expensive parts of your system. And the biggest benefit of protecting a back flow is knowing that you’re parts won’t break physical freeze and then. It may yeah get that price because it was too lowOpen freeze for a couple days initially seasoned but then it warms up significantly and you still want to be watering.

What We Charge

Currently, in 2016 we charge $65 for systems that are in or near neighborhoods we already service.  For systems we service that are outside of our immediate area, we charge between $75 and $85. Those areas with a higher rate would include Williams, Sedona, The Verde Valley, Jerome.


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