What Does It Cost to Turn On My Sprinkler System?

March 8, 2016

Our Turn On Procedure
  • First action of our technicians is to re-pressurize your sprinkler system
  • We will then inspect the spray heads for any leaks and re-adjust them for proper coverage
  • Next is check your drip system for any leaks.  If any emitters are not working, they will be replaced with high quality, pressure compensating emitters that flush out debris. This keeps them flowing every time the water is turned on
  • Finally, the technicians tests electrical system for any issues
Electrical System Check

We check low voltage components of the electrical system by operating your different irrigation valves using the controller. If there are any issues with the low voltage wiring or solenoids during this period, we will make sure they work before we leave or contact you if more work needs to be performed.

Timing of your service call will save you MONEY!

Timing of your call into a business is another factor in the price you will pay for winterizing. Has your neighborhood already been winterized by that particular company? You could have a higher one time charge, for coming out after the company has been through your neighborhood.

What We Charge

Currently, in 2016 we charge $65 plus parts for systems that are in or near neighborhoods we already service. Many of our systems only need a few dollars of parts to get it operating correctly.  Generally, the damage over winter includes drip emitters getting chewed on by squirrels or sprinkler head nozzles that have long lived past their life expectancy.  For systems we service that are outside of our immediate area, we charge between $75 and $85. Those areas with a higher rate would include Williams, Sedona, The Verde Valley and Jerome.

Sign up for our AIMazing Irrigation Package.

Use our NO hassle and No worry service. Just tell us you want to be on the “AIMazing Irrigation Package” and we will sign you up immediately. The only condition is that your back flow be insulated to prevent damage from freezing. We can sell you a high quality insulation bag or you can get one yourself. Your irrigation turn on date is predetermined, so you know when the irrigation system will be turned on. We email you with the date for your neighborhood, notify you if we are behind or ahead of schedule, and we post the schedule on our Facebook Page.

It is always exciting in Spring to get the yard ready and sprinklers going!!!!!


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