Using Toner Identify Irrigation Wire | Flagstaff

August 29, 2017

This is the valve box area that has the two valves that are wired together. This wire is doubled up with this one, it comes over here. When valve B9 comes on then this other valve comes on at the same time. We want to split it up so it gets good pressure.

Here is the Armada Toner. Grounding stake. You could use a nail or something. Use the black alligator clip for the ground.

And a free wire coming in that I hope goes back to the controller. It’s a little short. Connect the red alligator clip to this wire.

Turn on the generator unit to Tone, slide down. You know it is on when the green light is blinking. Now we are ready to go. i can show you what it looks like or sounds like when you find the wire. Just need to press this button.. Hold it close to the wire. Alright, I’ll go back to the controller as see if i can find it.

I’m back a the controller with the toner and I”m going to see if I can find one of these wires is what I”m looking for. Don’t see anything yet.

There is a gaggle of wires in here.

Ohhh got it. Awesome

Alright now i’m just going to wire this in.

We are back over here and we are going to hook up the wire. Sorry about that. Had to use two hands to put the grease cap on.

Now we are going to use our fancy pants remote. Go down to zone 12 and see if it works. It’s working. Now turn it off.

Done, Complete, Awesome job AIM


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