Should I Water My Plants in the Winter?

November 1, 2016

Should I water my established plants in the winter?

Should I be watering my plants even if they are established? And the answer is……yes. Even if you have an established lawn, bushes, and trees, you should be watering them every month. For example, if you turned your irrigation systems off in October and Flagstaff received no rain or snow between then and Thanksgiving, you should go out and water your plants around Thanksgiving.  If we have no precipitation between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Christmas is a great time to water your plants.  If we have had snow and there still is snow on the ground then you do not need to water your plants.  Only water your plants if it is or has been completely dry.  If you’re walking around the yard and notice the plants are dusty, then that is a great signed that your plants need to be watered.

Some years this is not even a consideration because we get so much snow and rain over the winter.  But, there’re plenty of winters that we see no or barely any precipitation. These are the winters that you should be watering plants.  If people are talking about forest fires in the winter and how dry it is, definitely think about watering your plants. This way your plants can come out of winter healthy and not stressed out.




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