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September 20, 2016

AIM Google Reviews

We have over sixty six 5 star reviews on Google. Here are a couple of the many reviews we’ve gotten.

From Alan S. – Brad and his team replaced our backflow preventer and put us on the schedule for starting up and shutting down our irrigation system in the spring/winter. It’s great to not need to worry about taking care of that — they’re friendly, efficient and good at what they do. They’re responsive to phone calls or email and have a good online system for billing. I love having them doing this work for us and will happily call them if we need repairs or future work done with our system.

From Erick R – We had our newly built home landscaped in the front yard. We are on a corner lot. Here was our experience:

– The quoting process was very easy. The appointment time was done around our schedule, which was very convenient.– The design was exactly what we wanted and they provided us a plotted drawing so we could visualize the concept.– The final product looks exactly they way we envisioned it.– The team did an excellent job getting it exactly right and listed to any suggestions or ideas we had during the process.– All of the plants look fantastic, the rock retaining wall is awesome and the drip system keeps everything well watered based on the size of the plant.– The final price was very reasonable and made the process much more enjoyable because we weren’t stressing about the quoted price.– AIM truly does stand by their 100% guarantee which gave us peace of mind because we knew they would live up to their word.

***Very satisfied and would recommend their service to anyone. In fact everyone that walks by our home says that new landscaping looks great and we have the best looking yard in the neighborhood. It was a good investment because it added so much more curb appeal from the standard builder landscaping.

AIM Yelp Reviews

We have quite a few reviews on yelp, nearly 50. Unfortunately, we are not advertising with Yelp so they hide most of our reviews. Most of the time there are anywhere from 2 to 4 reviews that are visible and then the rest are hidden. If you are on Yelp you can find the hidden reviews, it just takes a little more effort.  Here are a few reviews from yelp about AZ irrigation and maintenance.

From Doctor W.Brad has been a valued part of absentee ownership of our summer home in Flagstaff.  He takes care of our planting and irrigation needs which gives us great peace of mind since we are in Flag only on weekends during the summer. He secures our irrigation during the winter season and gets it ready again for the summer along with the spring clean-up.  Thanks Brad!

From Deb R. – I’ve used landscaping services both in Phoenix and Flagstaff for years, and these guys are THE BEST!  Brad, the owner, is knowledgeable, responsive, and honest–a trio that is hard to find.  They do our maintenance work, and have also done some installation work.  Hire them; you won’t be sorry.  And btw, I understand during the cold months you can persuade them to come to the Valley for a project!!

Video Testimonials for AZ Irrigation and Maintenance

Hi my name is Erika. I am reviewing AZ Irrigation and Maintenance. I use them for cleaning up my front yard in the Spring. There are three things that I like about them. The first thing was they came out and did a free estimate and their estimate was very competitive with the other companies in town. The second thing is you can pay online. And so I just did my credit card online and what they quoted is what they charged me. Which is good. And the third thing is that I didn’t have to be home. They just came, did their thing, cleaned up the yard and left. So it was very nice. I didn’t have to worry about being here ore exchanging anything like that. So I would recommend to a friend and I would use them again. Thanks.


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