No Kill Animal Deterrent

December 30, 2020

Hey there, I just wanted to show you this pretty cool product I just found out about. I saw this at a client's house and I was like, wow, I need that. As you can see behind me is this is my water feature and I've had some free roaming cows coming through here the last month. And it used to be really beautiful with lots of flowers. If you look real closely you can see the cows have stomped all over on the water feature, created a bunch of leaks. I'd been kind of pulling up the liner just temporarily so it doesn't leak. But yeah, we'll take a look at this product is super awesome. So far I haven't had any cows come by, so let's take a look at it.

Oh, so this is what I got. It is a motion detector activated sprinkler. It's got a sensor on the back and right now it's off so you isn't working. Looks like a alligator and it just hooks up to a hose and then you can set it to different sensitivities. So I don't want all the birds to get chased away. On the back I haven't really got it nailed down, but right now it's at zero.  Anyways, that's about what I set it for the cows. You can see it work.

So I just go like this here and you could change the length of the spray.  Right here you change the angle. You just want it to kind of shoot over in this area. So just cut.

The sensor comes on intermittently for maybe a second or two to scare away the animals so they don't get used to the sprinkler cause the sprinkler could come on and kind of scares them. And if it continues sprinkling they might get used to it. And then they're like, Oh, I'll just come back over. But it'll kind of keep activating every few seconds if they're around to scare them off cause it's kinda loud and you know, obviously though the water squirting up. It's called a Hoots water jet scarecrow.


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