Installing Irrigation Flow Meter in Flagstaff

September 7, 2017

So we got a couple parts here a bushing and we are going to have to convert it to PVC. Whenever you go from metal to PVC you need to use a male PVC part to a female metal part.

Never do this. Female PVC fitting to a male metal fitting. Because over time the contraction and expansion of the different materials will crack the female PVC fitting.

So we are going to put on a metal threaded coupler and we are going to install a male PVC adaptor. We are using a 3/4″ flow meter but are using 1″ pipe.

It has a gasket here. So I will but that in here like that.

Don’t put it in there like that. Put it in there like that!! And thread it on not too tight. I’ll do this in a minute but the idea of what is happening here.

So it will look like that when we are done.

You need to have at least one foot of straight pipe on each side of the flow meter.

Don’t do this too tight.

Just go clockwise, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Then I like to tighten from the end, but this is a little cross threaded, but this on a little bit better.

Notice there is an arrow on it. Need to make sure that is the direction of flow. That way!

That is what it looks like on the inside. Cute.

So we have already built our back flow. We are going to clean that out and flush the line. And we already built the manifold. So we are just going to put it in-between this area and this area. Sorry about the shadow.

First we are going to flush this out. Turn this on real slow and get all the dirt out of there.

I’m going to turn this on real slowly. See if we get any leaks.

Now the flow meter is moving.

Next step is to wire this in. It has a long enough wire that we will use the wires going to the valve manifold.

So I’m going to put a valve box on it.


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