Fertigation Organic Fertilizing Solution

May 31, 2016

Fertigation is quickly becoming the norm in the landscape irrigation industry. It is a super efficient way to deliver fertilizer to all your plants. Initial set up for fertigation can be expensive but in the long run it is cheaper, easier, more efficient in water usage more efficient for the plant.  Fertigation has been used on the  agricultural side of irrigation for a very long time. It wasn’t until recently,  that small scale Fertigation is within reach for the homeowner.

Fertigation Efficiency

Fertigation is a superior method to fertilize versus traditional application of fertilizers. Fertilizer uptake can be as much as 90% versus a much smaller absorption rate for traditional fertilizers. Using fertigation virtually eliminates fertilizer run off since it’s supplied to the landscape in small micro amounts of the nutrients that can be absorbed by the plant.

Fertigation is just a simple way to apply nutrients to all your plant material that is being supplied with irrigation water. The fertigation system we use is an organic fertilizer and it’s water-soluble. Because it’s water-soluble, the fertilizer is already broken down for the plants. As soon as the plants receive water they are able to uptake important nutrients.

Save Money On Fertilizer and Water

With a fertigation system you are able to reduce the amount of  fertilizer you put onto your landscape plants and you’re able to reduce water usage.  Advantages include less chemicals seeping into the water supply due to water run off that can end up in rivers and lakes or reaching down to the ground water supply.

More Than Just Fertilizer

It’s also great because you can more than just fertilizer, the system we use can add bio-stimulants.   We love having the extra option of adding bio-stimulants to someone’s landscaping. These bio stimulants contain beneficial microbes that can colonize the root zone and free up nutrients trapped within the soil. The bio-stimulant we use also contains Humid acid which is one of the finest additives you can add to your lawn.

Safety First

The most important factor in installing the fertigation system is to have a back flow device properly installed and the proper style of back flow device.  Check out this blog on back flow devices.


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