City of Flagstaff, AZ | Outdoor Water Restrictions

November 17, 2015

How to correspond the days of the week with the watering schedule

Start with Monday as 2, Tuesdays 3, Wednesdays 4, Thursday 5, Friday 6, Saturday 7, Sunday 8.   Let’s say your address is 1844.   Since this address ends in an even number, your watering days are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  There is NO landscape WATERING on MONDAYS.

Incidental hand watering is allowed on Mondays but no irrigation system water is allowed. You still have to follow the practice of not watering between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM.  Hand watering requires that the water conveyance (hose, bucket, etc.) be in your hand for the duration of the watering session. Hoses running freely or attached to a sprinkler are not considered hand watering.

Can I water my lawn using my hose?

So with these water restrictions come a few other water conservation strategies.  One is incidental hand watering.  It is allowed as long as you have a bucket and a cut off nozzle at the end of the hose, allowing for the water to be turned on and off. This way, when you’re not using the water, you can turn it off and the water won’t be running down on street the driveway.

Even with the incidental hand watering allowance, you cannot water between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM. But you will be able to water any day of the week except between those times.

You can water every day with a permit

The city does allow you to water every day using a landscape landscape establishment permit. You need to go into the city hall water department and purchase a permit from them for $25. This permit will allow you to establish your new trees, bushes and sod over the next 30 days, from the date of purchase.

Watering restriction violation

If you do get in trouble from the city for watering when is not your allotted time. The city will issue you a warning for the first violation. After that, they will than access a $25 fee to your water bill. The warning is a good practice because sometimes you may have a water leak that is out of your control. For example, an stuck irrigation valve that is running during those restriction times and you’re not home.  Another example is when the power goes out.  If the irrigation controller has a bad battery, then it will default to the factory settings.  In any of these cases, the city offers a one time warning.


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