Best Vines for Flagstaff

February 9, 2016

One of the more popular vines around town is the for Virginia creeper. It can grow in just about any climate and it is drought tolerant. What people really love about this vine is that it turns a beautiful red in the fall before it drops its leaves. The rest of the year it has green leaves. It does shed its leaves in the fall after the leaves change color.

The Arizona honeysuckle is a very popular vine in that attracts hummingbirds. The honeysuckle  has a beautiful red flower from June to July.  The Arizona honeysuckle is required to be in shade not full sun. If you choose this vine, make sure you have a nice shaded area for it to grow.

The clematis vine has a nice white flower to it. It blooms from May to September.   It is a high water user normally found around stream beds. If you choose this vine, keep in mind that it does use a lot of water.

A wonderful choice for summer and fall color is the Silver Lace Vine.  This hardy, drought tolerant vine can grow at a very rapid pace.  It’s small abundant flowers are white, but give off a silver glow when glistening in the sun.

Canyon Grape vine is a great option because its growing season is quite long. Normally it’s found near streams, canyons and springs. Its natural elevation spans between 2,000 and 7,000 feet. Generally you cannot see the flowers, they’re inconspicuous. This vine needs part and full sun. Though it is not as heavy of a water user as the clematis this vine does really, really well in Sedona, but it can make a nice showing in Flagstaff.  The grapes will be much smaller than what you find in the store, and will be extra sweet because you have watched them grow over the year.

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